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Our Process for
PMHNP Consulting

Scope of Work

We like to meet with our clients to ensure that we have an understanding of the company’s culture and vision. We like to obtain information of the requirements in terms of duties and responsibilities, qualifications such as educational and occupational experience, personal qualities, reporting relationships, performance expectations and terms of compensation. This helps us fit the best candidate with your company culture. We become your partner!


Identifying and Assessing Candidates

We thoroughly examine target candidates to find a match between client requirements and candidate profiles. Qualified candidates will be presented to the client after thorough screening and evaluation. The candidate profile shall be submitted together with our consultant’s assessment of the match with client’s qualifications for the position. We will review together the profiles of the presented candidates and make recommendations on those who meet the position specifications. We build positive relationships with each of our candidates and we get to know them and understand what their needs and qualifications are.


Candidate Endorsements

We arrange for client-candidate meetings and feedback will be solicited to monitor the level of interest of both. We act as your agent and we are committed to give you the best possible outcome. We will give you timely feedback on all information, recommendations, and requests.



A particular search will be conducted in 30 - 45 days. However, should the need be more urgent, we will do our best to deliver in the shortest possible time. Should the search be a little more complex and would require longer delivery time, we can agree on the most realistic time frame. We can always tailor our services to suit your specific needs. Our Goal is to ensure the best interest of our clients and candidates.


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