Employer Solutions

GOALS is a full service recruitment firm that specializes in reaching and retaining Prescreptive Authority Providers across the U.S. We pride ourselves on limiting our services to facilities that are progressive in terms of competitive pay and nurture a collaborative working environment. Throughout our time in the industry, we have been able to develop an immense database of Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and LCSW as well as Physicians that allow us to market our partnering facilities to them. Through our social network we have various groups in which we network with daily and gain an understanding of their needs, expectations, and requirements each of our groups have over 3k providers.

When contracted with a facility it is not uncommon to make several placements over the course of the working relationship. Retainability is always a priority for us. We won't present a candidate that isn't able to remain with the facility in the long term. If you are in need of a Provider with Prescreptive authority, we look forward to finding you the perfect candidate.