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Testimonials of students!

Sherekia Hales, APRN

October 30, 2019,

Sherekia was a client of Kimberly Mahaney BA.'s

After several failed attempts to secure preceptors for my PMHNP clinical rotations, I reached out to Kim. i told her what I needed and sent the required documents. within 2 months, Kim had not one but two preceptors arranged for me for my first clinical rotation. She's very responsive and professional. I recommend her if you are in search of a preceptor

M Gallagher 

Fri, Dec 13, 2019, 11:23 PM

to me


Hi Kimberly, 


I wanted to update you. I finished clinical about a month ago and passed the certification test last week. Thank you so much for your patience and support in securing clinical sites for my practicum. I am sharing your info with students in my program. 




Seyon Ogungbe

Fri, Oct 22, 1:29 PM

Ms. Kim was so easy to talk to, respond to emails, phone calls and text messages promptly. She really understood the importance of getting a clinical rotation in my PMHNP program. At the last minute, she was able to find me a preceptor for my clinical rotations. I spoke to her on a Friday, and she find me a great Preceptor and all paperwork was submitted on Monday. Thanks to Ms Kim, if not for her I would have an extra semester.

 “My experience with Ms. Kimberly as a preceptor finder was exceptional! She made each step of the process positive and FAST! I would surely recommend her!!!

Seyon Ogungbe

Princess E

Tue, Jan 28, 2:40 PM

to me

Good-afternoon Kimberly,



Thanks again for helping me find my amazing preceptor. She is highly, highly recommended and invaluable to students. As my school comes to a close next week...I am inquiring about your professional resume writing services. I think I saw somewhere that your business does this as well? If so, can we discuss what it all entails and pricing. 


Thank You,

Princess E

Bernadette Murorunkwere

Psychiatric Nurse RN-BSN at Seton Shoal Creek Hospital

February 24, 2020,

Bernadette was a client of Kimberly Mahaney BA,’s

Kimberly Mahaney is very professional, supportive, and kind in helping people. I was stranded finding a preceptor, I called Kim after hours, she was willing to find one in one night. She was not complaining about after hours. May God bless her sweet heart. Bernadette Murorunkwere PMHNP

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